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November 9, 2011
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OC Design Sheet 2011 by 0okami-Rei OC Design Sheet 2011 by 0okami-Rei
Reuploaded...I deleted the previous by accident. =_=

Sorry about the watermark. These guys mean a lot to me.

These are the spontaneous OC designs I came up with this year. Decided to draw them out once and for all. Cobalt
isn't in here though. And I'm not allowed to show Foxkoi just yet.


Maned wolf/Manx (Tail-less) fox/kitsune. Sleek agile body with spiky ruff and buttfur.
He does not have a visible tail but is able to manifest tailbrushes to use as weapons (or a paintbrush).
Rumored to have 9 "tails" but has only been seen to conjure 2.

He was born in April.

His concept design centres around sharpness and arrows (direction) and he symbolises the determination and resilience in reaching goals (his head is like an arrow pointing to the direction he is heading towards). The arrow over his face that points to the sky symbolises how I always know that my goal is for a greater cause, and that is God. Or something like that. I'm just rushing now cuz my back hurts.

He means a lot to me. This guy.

Mutt-lemur-mole-mouse-tiger hybrid...I have no idea.
Has (long) large tiger paws (probably will add stripes? idk) and knuckle mole-claws which can be retracted into his skin and calcify as bones/bumps which appear on the surface.
Born 2 days ago....(21 Sep).
His design just.....came out. 3rd time drawing this character. Design isn't finalized yet.
[EDIT 17/072012] Throne, the Tiger-Lemur. Will add more stripes. His ruff is separately coloured from the rest of his body and can be fluffed up to make him look very intimidating. It also represents mimics the furs medieval kings wear..
Throne is rather cocky, feisty and is prone to violence.
He absolutely hates wasps and enjoys buttered toast.


Born 2 days ago as well..
Omamori tsukumogami that takes the form of a ghostly/spirit cat with a sacred rope (shimenawa). Will add on shide (zigzag paper streamers).
Has no legs.
Its body is composited of cloth (omamori).

I wanted to design a cat character for a good buddy (stupid kucing...).. After four tries I settled on a design I liked very much.

It's a tsukumogami (artifact spirit) of an omamori (Japanese amulets, "to protect") that has reached its 100th birthday that takes the form of a cat...
It's supposed to hold a suzu (bell) between its ears but since it's tentative, I just drew an orb with the "inifinity" symbol (perhaps it can shapeshift into any round object or charm based on a particular amulet to give it powers/characteristics...I'm thinking of this on the spot).
The shide on the shimenawa represents blessings etc.

This ghostly cat cloth spirit thing is a living amulet for luck, protection, love etc. Sweet..I like this critter a lot.

Triva: All of them were designed during Math.

Art, Characters (c) ~0okami-Rei
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Ailoncha Dec 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Gotta love all of them. Their designs are awesome :love:
0okami-Rei Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you kindly. ^^
0nion-streak Nov 13, 2011  Student General Artist
They're all so adorable~
Firstly, I find your character designs really cool. They have this "softness". As in, your lines are really you! Since I know you well, they really shows a little of your character haha-- sensitive, yearns for perfection and determined. It's really "WOW"!

@Zion: He looks amazing~ I'll never get enough of the look in his eyes haha! And yes, Zion is really special to you :3 To me too!

@Mutt-lemur-mole-mouse-tiger hybrid: Uwaa I really really like this one! Your designs on its marks, placement of eyes, ears gives me this impression that you know what you're creating. Even if you were to tell me "I have no idea what I was thinking while doing that" then I insist that they're all in your head, you just didn't realize it :D AND THE TAIL. STRIPESSS!

@Mutt-lemur-mole-mouse-tiger hybrid:
(Since it's for me B) Lol jkjk xD But seriously .___.)
I love, love love how you meant every single element in its design. It makes it incredibly special and professionally planned out! ....I still can't believe you thought of those on the spot o__o It seemed thoroughly planned!! I want to kill you for that D< Because I envy your quick-thinking. You're a smart person~
I feel honored to have this designed for me...;___;

Lastly, you really are improving! Your getting into proper characters of your own and I think that's important for a young artist like you.
0okami-Rei Nov 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you darling. You made a typo though, lol!

I wanna upload all the Zion fanart you did...but they aren't mine.

I still don't get how you can read my lines. Or my handwriting. But for everything, I'm truly grateful.

Thank you for your lovely comments...I don't know what to say in return...because..I'm just smiling here. I've no words left in me. :tighthug: At least you'll understand. ^^
DialBM Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They got some crazy shapes, I LIKE THEM. Will you ever draw them again?
Also, that's an interesting sheet format you are using there.
0okami-Rei Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Crazy shapes? Now that's new. :D
I probably will. ^^ I'm glad you like them.

...and what is it about the sheet format? mean other people do it differently? That's so curious.

Thank you for your time again. I really appreciate it.
Lauzi Nov 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Nice, I really like the traditional Japanese-style yokai (demon/monster) like theme you used to show them. c: Also your character designs are so cute~ >w<
0okami-Rei Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Traditional Japanese-style yokai? Eh? Really? ..w-where? (I seriously don't understand.)

But thank you very much. ^^
Lauzi Nov 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Nah it's just when I see pictures of japanese youkai they are drawn on scrolls with that kinda old paper and drawn in black ink... the way you portrayed your creatures reminded me of that. I had a feeling you wouldn't know what I meant, I shoulda explained, most people wouldn't know what I meant hahah XD;; Japanese art just inspires me so I know random things like that I guess XD

You're welcome~
0okami-Rei Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh...I get it now.
Wow! I never saw it that way! Thank you for opening my eyes to a fresh perspective.
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